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Jambu Kids

Jambu footwear was inspired by the beauty and mystique of the rainforest. With the Jambu tree as our guide, five years ago we built a brand that brings together comfort and style, creating shoes designed to keep you well grounded, but always reaching for the sky. Design, color, technology and craft all come into play. From our All-Terra designs featuring a memory foam footbed, to our Hyper Grip collection for superior grip and traction, Jambu has a style to take you on all of life’s adventures.

  1. $40.00 - $49.99
  2. $80.00 and above
  1. Blue (1)
  2. Pink (1)
  1. 5-M (2)
  2. 6-M (2)
  3. 7-M (2)
  4. 8-M (2)
  1. Jambu Kids (2)
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