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Sorel, born from the desire to make a boot that would deliver explorers comfortably into the beauty of the great unknown, SOREL has been creating footwear for the fearless since 1962. As we forge forward from the frozen tundra into city streets, we translate the stunning landscapes that inspired our founders into a new generation of footwear that is fashionably bold, unapologetically daring and beautifully brave. Luxurious materials and flawless construction are brought to life by designs that challenge, invigorate and surprise. From sweet sneakers for sultry summer days to boots that turn heads while taking on the tundra, SOREL inspires fashion-forward feet for every season.

  1. $110.00 - $119.99
  2. $140.00 and above
  1. Brown (2)
  1. 7-M (1)
  2. 9-M (1)
  3. 12-M (1)
  4. 13-M (1)
  5. 14-M (1)
  1. Sorel (2)
  1. M (2)

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