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  • Footnotes From Aetrex and Tip Top Shoes

    We cannot stress enough that foot problems can develop due to neglect, shoes that do not fit, socks that don’t help, or just simple wear and tear. Remember your feet are very hardworking parts of your body that call for constant attention even if they feel fine. Once a foot problem arises it affects almost every aspect of your life and well being.

    Taking the time to maintain a good foot care regimen each season presents a small challenge to keep you fit and functioning well. Unforeseen injuries and ailments are always on the horizon and we hope to be a guiding light to prep you for such pitfalls and offer solutions to avoid any problems. So, don't forget about caring for your innocent feet!

    This fall and winter our feet with be covered and hidden therefore it's smart to take a few moments after bathing to examine and give them the proper moisturizing. You can also use a pumice stone to smooth out any calluses and avoid rough, cracked heels as well. Plus, in colder weather, start by wearing the correct socks! High-quality, moisture-wicking socks can do wonders for your feet and keep them happy and healthy.

    After all, most of us are standing for long hours, running, walking, and more. Your feet will be glad to receive the kind of attention that they deserve.

    Lastly, if you're experiencing discomfort, pain, soreness or any other problem with your feet, don't hesitate to get it professionally checked.

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  • Tip Top and Dr.Scholl's Featured In Where New York


    Tip Top Shoes is thrilled to share this image of the Original Collection by Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Scout Weave Slip On Sneaker in Metallic Gold Weave and the Vienna II Slip On in Ginger Spice Suede featured in a story titled ‘The Guide: Shopping’ in the February 2017 issue of WHERE New York.

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  • Merrell Arctic Grip Commercial

    Check out all our Merrell Arctic Grips!

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  • UGG®Toddlers Sweetie Bow

    This Classic Boot from Tip Top's partnership with UGG® celebrates Disney's Minnie Mouse and her trademark style. Your mini-me will love this update to the Bailey Bow, which features Minnie’s signature colors and polka dots plus special Mickey Mouse binding.

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  • New Birkenstock Boots


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  • SAMUEL HUBBARD Now in All Black

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    For all you Samuel Hubbard fans and those who are not yet. Exciting news! Solid black with black soles will now be available....and guess what else? You ladies will now be able to experience comfort the men have already.

    Samuel Hubbard...The UN-SNEAKER shoe. Visit us online or better yet visit us in our store to experience the UN_SNEAKER footwear.

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  • Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Shoes 55K

    Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Shoes Fetch $55K at Elton John’s Oscar Party

    Lady Gaga Super Bowl National Anthem
    Lady Gaga performed during the Super Bowl 50 in Gucci platforms.

    Lady Gaga is all for a cause. The pop powerhouse gifted her custom Super Bowl Gucci shoes to Elton John for his AIDS Foundation Oscar Party.

    The red white and blue platforms were made by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele for Gaga’s performance of the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50.

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  • How These "Fugly" Shoes Are Making A Comeback

    I never envisioned that the first time Rachel Zoe and I would meet would be to talk aboutUGG boots. But alas, there I was, snuggled on a couch that was more expensive than my entire life, with none other than the stylist I grew up watching on TV. And we were there to discuss the brand's fall collection — which she, of course, styled.Zoe has a longstanding history of reinventing things. (Take the word "literally," for example. Since about 2008, thanks to her, it has been pronounced lit-rally and meant the opposite of literally.) Now, she's put her otherworldly styling powers to good use to give new life to a shoe that has gained some serious notoriety. UGGs are something people either absolutely love or absolutely hate. But hate is a strong word. And with the brand's updated version (what it's calling the "Classic Slim") shown with street style looks we swear we've seen on a Jenner or two, the new pairs feel more like slightly tufty sneakers than bulked-up sock booties. In other words: The infamously "fugly" shoe actually seems wearable — and, if I may, even cute.

    Unlike most of us, Zoe's favorite memory of the brand goes back to when her sons got their first pairs. "When Skyler was born, UGG was sweet enough to send me baby UGGs," she tells me. "And I literally lost my mind. Literally, he wore them every day (and still does). Can't get rid of them. So now he has new ones, and now Kaius has his. Poor Kaius has hand-me-downs, but they're just so sentimental. I can't get rid of them."

    She makes a good point, though. No matter who we are or how reluctant we are to admit it, our closets have seen an UGG or two, and their comfort is inescapable — if you haven't felt sheep skin between your toes, you haven't lived. And, if you aren't sold on a slimmed-down version, let the self-proclaimed "Fairy UGGmother" explain it to you in terms the average trend-watcher might be able to relate to: "One woman's skinny [jean] is another woman's wide leg." See?

    Ahead, you'll find tons of different ways to style the shoes, proving that they go with seasonal looks you most likely already have. It's time we stop using UGGs as poor excuses for shoes — you know, the pairs that live by the door and only get worn when you have to take out the trash or get the mail — and start realizing that they might actually be the cold weather, feet-warming saviors we've been waiting for.

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  • Tip Top Kids Number 1 Again!

    Tip Top Kids has been named Number 1 in Mommy Nearest's Top 5 Kids Shoes Stores! 

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