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    Andre Assous

    The designer, artist, civil engineer and athlete. It’s the American dream story that began in Europe and continues today in the USA. One man’s global embrace of style and meticulous love for detail that transformed the classic espadrille from a sketch to an iconic fashion trend. A mentor to a new generation of designers and advisor to the fashion world’s biggest names, Andre’s passion for shoemaking artistry is now tangible in five fresh masterful collections. For every woman, on every continent, who continue to evolve and strive to live their best life. André Assous. Classic Style, Evolved.

    1. $490.00 and above
    1. 7-M (1)
    2. 8-M (2)
    3. 9-M (1)
    4. 10-M (1)
    1. Black (2)
    1. M (2)
    1. Andre Assous (2)