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    • Snow Alert! and the History of MOU Boots

      Shelley Tichborne founded mou from London's Portobello Road in 2002, out of a desire to create original, luxurious footwear as an antidote to the pressures of modern city-living.

      Picked up by passing stylists and buyers, the brand's popularity grew through word of mouth. Now the comfort boots of choice for A-list stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, mou boots have a uniquely rugged look with a distinctly maverick spirit. Look out for classic mou styles including the antelope cowboy boot, calfskin slipper, eskimo, blizzard and goatskin nanuk.

      Adjective (French)mou m (f molle)1. soft to the touch (tissu, tig

      What better time to get some MOU Boots!!

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    • How These "Fugly" Shoes Are Making A Comeback

      I never envisioned that the first time Rachel Zoe and I would meet would be to talk aboutUGG boots. But alas, there I was, snuggled on a couch that was more expensive than my entire life, with none other than the stylist I grew up watching on TV. And we were there to discuss the brand's fall collection — which she, of course, styled.Zoe has a longstanding history of reinventing things. (Take the word "literally," for example. Since about 2008, thanks to her, it has been pronounced lit-rally and meant the opposite of literally.) Now, she's put her otherworldly styling powers to good use to give new life to a shoe that has gained some serious notoriety. UGGs are something people either absolutely love or absolutely hate. But hate is a strong word. And with the brand's updated version (what it's calling the "Classic Slim") shown with street style looks we swear we've seen on a Jenner or two, the new pairs feel more like slightly tufty sneakers than bulked-up sock booties. In other words: The infamously "fugly" shoe actually seems wearable — and, if I may, even cute.

      Unlike most of us, Zoe's favorite memory of the brand goes back to when her sons got their first pairs. "When Skyler was born, UGG was sweet enough to send me baby UGGs," she tells me. "And I literally lost my mind. Literally, he wore them every day (and still does). Can't get rid of them. So now he has new ones, and now Kaius has his. Poor Kaius has hand-me-downs, but they're just so sentimental. I can't get rid of them."

      She makes a good point, though. No matter who we are or how reluctant we are to admit it, our closets have seen an UGG or two, and their comfort is inescapable — if you haven't felt sheep skin between your toes, you haven't lived. And, if you aren't sold on a slimmed-down version, let the self-proclaimed "Fairy UGGmother" explain it to you in terms the average trend-watcher might be able to relate to: "One woman's skinny [jean] is another woman's wide leg." See?

      Ahead, you'll find tons of different ways to style the shoes, proving that they go with seasonal looks you most likely already have. It's time we stop using UGGs as poor excuses for shoes — you know, the pairs that live by the door and only get worn when you have to take out the trash or get the mail — and start realizing that they might actually be the cold weather, feet-warming saviors we've been waiting for.

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    • Samuel Hubbard Shoes

      Family Photo

      We are offering shoes of the very highest quality using the finest leathers from around the world. Fit and comfort are paramount in our designs and we have returned to Europe to work with some of the finest shoemakers in the world. As the third and fourth generation of a shoemaking family, we follow in the tradition of producing shoes that people love.

      In Samuel Hubbard shoes we make no compromises in comfort and craftsmanship. When there is a better method, we do it that way. When there is better leather or material, we use that. In presenting each new and innovative design, we honor our past and what we have learned over the past 85 years. Now available at Tip Top Shoes

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    • Tip Top Kids Number 1 Again!

      Tip Top Kids has been named Number 1 in Mommy Nearest's Top 5 Kids Shoes Stores! 

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    • DOOHICKIES® Not Your Normal Lace

      IMG_1635 IMG_1636

      I suppose you thought DOOHICKIES® were just a one size fits all no-tie shoelace replacement designed for kids aged 5 to 12? Well clearly someone else had lots of time on their hands! Notice the cool woven chair made from DOOHICKIES®? How cool is this!
      If you need them for your child's shoes or want to weave your own chair we have them at Tip Top Kids!149 W 72nd Street NYC 212-874-1004

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    • Troentrop Swedish Clog Since1907

      Part of the draw of Troentrop, a Swedish clog brand that dates back to 1907,  It's their European roots and their use of simple, natural materials. “People want something handmade,” said Chris Glenn, Troentorp national sales manager. Troentrop has been in the US Market since the 60's The Scandinavian countries use wood. It’s a substrate material. Your foot hits it and it stays in place. With manmade materials, your foot has to work harder. People don’t realize your foot is more stabilize and less weak in a clog.”

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    • Letter of Recommendation: New Balance 990s

      A recent article in The New York Times about the classic New Balance 990.

      A must read CLICK HERE

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      Media contact: Margot Wasserman

      Danny, Lester and Margot Wasserman

      Tip Top Shoes




      It’s an honor few footwear stores in America can ever hope to achieve: the Gold Medal Service Award. In early June, 2015 Tip Top Shoes of New York City was honored as one of 34 independently owned shoe stores with the best customer service in the U.S.

      The 2015 Gold Medal Service Award was announced by Footwear Insight, the leading footwear industry magazine in the country, during a New York ceremony on June 3 within the  former location of the famed Studio 54.

      The award, which recognizes and rewards the independent shoe stores that offer the best customer service, was based on a mystery shopping evaluation of 100 stores across the nation  that took place last March and April by Franklin Retail Solutions, one of the top retail

      merchandising companies in the U.S.

      The judges rated the shopping experience using 20 criteria developed by some of the top independent retailers in the country. Points were given if the sales associates smiled, measured customers’ feet, provided refreshments, and whether clean socks were available for try-ons, among other ways the customer experience was enhanced.

      “The Gold Medal Service awards define what constitutes great customer service,” said Mark Sullivan, president of award founder Formula4 Media, Great Neck, N.Y. “Stores will receive window stickers to promote the recognition to their customers and a special toolkit so they can promote it to their entire community through social media,” Sullivan said.

      Tip Top Shoes CEO Danny Wasserman said, “Providing exceptional customer service is something we do everyday, so it’s gratifying to be ‘discovered’ by the mystery shoppers. For us, there’s simply no other way to do business.”

      To see the entire list of winners, log onto (pg. 36-40 of May 15, 2015 issue).

      The 2015 Gold Medal Service Award is sponsored by Vionic, Dansko and Waldlaufer.

      Formula4 Media, based in Great Neck, N.Y., was established in 2005 and produces two trade shows: The Running & Fitness Event For Women, which will be held on Chicago’s Navy Pier on June 29 to July 1, 2015 (, and The Running Event, Dec. 1 to 4, 2015, in Austin, Tex. ( The company also produces seven publications: Footwear Insight, Outdoor Insight, Running Insight, Sports Insight, Team Insight, Textile Insight, and Trend Insight.

      # # #


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