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    • Therafit Personal Comfort System

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    • Tip Top and Dr.Scholl's Featured In Where New York


      Tip Top Shoes is thrilled to share this image of the Original Collection by Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Scout Weave Slip On Sneaker in Metallic Gold Weave and the Vienna II Slip On in Ginger Spice Suede featured in a story titled ‘The Guide: Shopping’ in the February 2017 issue of WHERE New York.

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    • The Odyssey of Correct Shoe Fit

      This letter was written to us by one very happy customer. Now, we do get testimonials like this often but here was one case where our fit specialist  went the extra mile! Read on!

      December 23, 2016

      Dear Mr. Wasserman,

      I wanted to write you about the extraordinary service I received from one of your sales people, Melvin Nelson. About two weeks ago I bought a pair of Uggs Neumel shoes. Unfortunately, after wearing them for a half hour, the back of my heel was so blistered that I couldn't continue walking. I called the store and brought them back, where they were sent out to be altered. I came back a few days later, told they had been repaired-and found the problem still persisted. They were sent out again-and when I tried them on in the store, I could still not walk comfortably.

      Fortunately, Mr. Nelson was on duty and asked about my problem-and immediately took over

      the situation! He watched me walk, measured my feet several times, and then suggested a heel lift. He then told me to go home, walk around for a while and see if that made a difference. It did-but only on my right foot. Mr. Nelson then said to come back to the store and see what he

      could do. This time, he took the shoes and personally re-altered the back heel of the left shoe. Presto-the problem was solved.

      I was incredibly impressed with the level of service and attention Mr. Nelson provided. He went the extra mile to look at the problem "from all sides,"-and I truly felt like I was being dealt with by a first-rate professional.

      I've been shopping at Tip Top for many years. Employees like Mr. Nelson are one of the big reasons I will continue to recommend the store to everyone I know.


      Brian Rose

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    • Merrell Arctic Grip Commercial

      Check out all our Merrell Arctic Grips!

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    • UGG®Toddlers Sweetie Bow

      This Classic Boot from Tip Top's partnership with UGG® celebrates Disney's Minnie Mouse and her trademark style. Your mini-me will love this update to the Bailey Bow, which features Minnie’s signature colors and polka dots plus special Mickey Mouse binding.

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    • New Birkenstock Boots


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    • Big Moment for the Loafer

      Making History Again with G.H. Bass & Co.

      As we celebrate the Weejuns 80th Anniversary - the loafer is making a big comeback. The first loafer was made in 1936 by George Henry Bass of Wilton, Maine. They were named Weejuns after a Norwegian slipper-type moccasin used for "loafing in the field."

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    • Flaunt Your Style With Vans Shoes

      Since 1940, Tip Top Shoes has been promoting trendy and high-quality footwear. You’ll find the best selections of shoes from some of the most famous brands out there. One of these favorite brands includes Vans Shoes.

      Vans have been ruling our collection for quite some time. They’re primarily known as “skater shoes.” You’ll also find shoes for a number of sports, such as basketball, baseball, surfing, and much more. The unique style and design of every shoe has given it the fame it deserves. Vans shoes are available for men, women, kids, and toddlers, as well. Continue reading to know more about vans shoes.

      A Bit of Vans History
      In 1966, Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren, along with Gordon Lee and Serge Delia, opened up the shoe manufacturing business. The very first day they sold 12 pairs of shoes, which were made the same day. The same year Vans #44 deck shoes were born, which is now known as the Authentic. In 1975, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta designed Vans #95, today called the Era. The Vans Slip-On was introduced in 1979. Since then, they gained international recognition and attention. Over a period of time, they created shoes for various sports and found a space in the hearts of youths all over the world.

      The Era
      The Era collection is mostly a skateboarder’s favorite. The Men’s C&L Era 59 comes in five colors. The low top Speckle Era Blue adds class to your dressing. The funky and stylish Men’s Era Black tie dye is also a good choice. These shoes feature tough double-stitched canvas and leather uppers. The padded collars provide support and flexibility. The rubber waffle out-soles ace-up the look of the shoes.

      The Authentic
      The iconic style durable shoes are available in red, white, black, amber, navy blue, khaki, black washed, orange washed, and teal. The orange and black washed canvas features wall vulcanized out sole while the others have waffle out-sole. You’ll also find a low top, lace-up denim upper shoe with an acid wash print. These shoes are available for both men and women and can be worn to any occasion. Deck up your kid or toddler with the smart and colorful Authentic shoes by Vans.

      The SK8-Hi Slim
      These shoes are characterized by a raised top. They have leather uppers with some perforation, while some have zipped heels and others bear a cutout of mesh panel. They can even be a perfect choice for people who like funky dress-ups.

      The Classic Slip-On
      Slip-Ons can be worn to job interviews, festivals, or any outdoor events. These shoes are versatile and give optimal comfort to your foot. Best of all, they don’t wear out easily. The Classic Slip-Ons come in different color combinations and they have an elastic side accent. The checker-print slip-on is popular among kids, toddlers, as well as youths.

      The Old Skool
      These shoes are a new addition to the Vans collection. Flaunt your foot by wearing these fashionable shoes. The footwear are sturdy with cushioned tongue and lining.

      Keep your feet happy and comfortable with the great selection exclusively at Tip Top Shoes!

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    • Men’s Athletic Shoes- Select the Right One

      Whether you’re an athlete or a pavement runner, having the right pair of shoes makes all the difference. It’s important to spend enough time looking around in order to find yourself a properly fitted shoe. Nevermind investing even a penny extra on good quality shoes if they don’t keep your feet healthy. It’s not just comfort you’re purchasing, but happiness.

      “I would say that a good shoe is like a good wine. These shoes are going to stay and last for a long time,” said Christian Louboutin, a French footwear and fashion designer.

      The market is flooded with a variety of men’s athletic shoes for various brands, but choosing one that suits you is difficult. Tip Top Shoes can help you select the best pair of athletic shoes from its huge selection. Continue reading to reveal more about your feet and how to find the perfect shoe just for you.

      Get the Shape Right 

      Know the shape of your foot before you order a brand new sports shoe. There are three types of foot structures: flat, neutral, and high arch. If you’re someone with little or no arch, you have overpronation, which means your feet roll inward. You’ll need a shoe that has a motion-control feature or gives maximum stability. This will help your feet stay aligned with your leg. If your foot has a neutral curve, you need a shoe with good cushioning and support. For a neutral arch, the shoes wear out evenly. If you’ve a high arch, it suffers underpronation where your feet roll outward. To avoid your shoes from frequently wearing off, select one with the cushioning and a soft midsole.
      Know Your Sports

      The footwear industry comes up with innovative and sophisticated athletic shoes every now and then, but be fooled by all the glitz. Every shoe is designed for a particular sport or activity. Someone who goes for a jog needs padded shoes. Likewise, if you’re a fond of just walking, you need a shoe that has a thick and stiff sole for ankle support. The pressure and stress your foot needs various for different types of sports. Ultimately, you should choose a pair that matches the shape of your foot and the type of activity you’ll be performing.
      Get the Right Fit

      It’s important to keep measuring your foot size regularly. Factors like weight gain or weight loss can cause a change in the size. Also, not all brands manufacture the same size; some come in small some large.  Comfort is all your foot really needs.
      Brands You’re Looking For

      At Tip Top Shoes you’ll find men’s athletic shoes grouped into various categories. Get shoes for running, cross-training, basketball, walking, golf, tennis, trail, hiking, skate, barefoot and water activities. They come in different brands – New Balance, Adidas, Brooks, Skechers, Vivo Barefoot, Vans, and many more!

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